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Brand full case strategic system
1. marketing strategy: vietnam has entered the multi -screen era, and information fragmented communication channels are scattered, and suitable chinese marketing models, promoting channel strategies, product positioning, and brand positioning, allowing vietnamese marketing resources to be reasonably distributed reasonably
2. flow construction: build a marketing plan with the brand network marketing strategy as the core, grab the vietnamese traffic entrance, and establish a low -cost high -cost high -cost transformation of the traffic pool with soft text, short videos, reputation, and grass -breeding.
3. media operation: build a brand -based e -commerce platform operation strategy, including self -media management, operation, promotion, design, settlement and other operation services to enhance brand awareness and sales growth.
4. application for overseas account certification: overseas brands do not have relevant qualifications from vietnam. do not understand the registration certification procedures for the vietnamese platform, we can help overseas brands apply for authentication authentication self -media account

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Gathering china's senior film and television advertising talents to form their own film and television media teams to create a well -known film and television advertising planning and production institution in shenzhen. the core team members have 5-15 years of rich industry experience, and provide customers with one -stop service in the early, mid -term to late professional majors. essence dongfeng media goes hands with you to the future.

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Business scope

The scope of ability covers website construction、Software development、Television ads、Animation、Corporate promotional video、Multimedia development enterpriseVI、CI、 Logo design、Corporate album、Cartoon design、Commercial illustration、Corporate poster poster、Packaging design, etc.

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