With sincerity, Dongfeng Media has become XX's
2019-11-08 11:56:00

In the blink of an eye, XX has had a deep cooperation with Dongfeng Media for two years. Two years is not a long time, but for two companies that have achieved success in their respective fields, it is just a short experience on the road to struggle; But two years is not short enough to build trust and help each other overcome the ever-changing market competition.

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Dongfeng Escorts Shanghai Innovation Expo, Unveiling the Era of Retail Intelligence
2019-11-08 11:55:00

At the main forum of the summit, industry leaders jointly discussed topics such as "Trends and Opportunities in Retail Technology Investment in 2018" and "Application of Industrial Retail Technology". It is foreseeable that "intelligent development" will become the future direction of the retail industry, providing fresh opportunities and broader platforms for many startups.

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Dongfeng, along with its partner brands, made a brilliant appearance at the 24th Advertising Festival and won four awards
2019-11-08 11:54:00

The award-winning Spring Festival travel promotion case is a bold attempt in the high-speed rail media industry. Dongfeng Media has developed a unique marketing form, combining online and offline, to exclusively create high-speed rail scenario marketing, taking advantage of its comprehensive layout of traditional outdoor media. This is a milestone exploration that not only optimizes the waiting environment and enriches media content, but also interacts with the audience, thereby triggering emotional communication. Zhaoxun has confirmed the extraordinary effect of scenario marketing through practical actions, providing advertisers with a new advertising service and bringing fresh sensory experiences to high-speed rail passengers.

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